The Warrior Storyfield

Where the Unspoken, Even the Unspeakable
May Find Its Voice Through Art

What We’re Doing

We are a team of veterans and civilians exploring this question:

What does it take for a veteran to truly come home from war?

As we explore this question, we are literally transforming our conversations into three large sculptures.

The first, a 16 ft tall DRAGON. The second, an 18 ft tall PHOENIX.

The third, and perhaps the most important, THE SPACE IN BETWEEN.

As a team, we are all becoming artists.

Why We’re Doing It?

There is a divide between those who served in the military and those who have not. The men and women who went to war are not the men and women who return. They are forever changed by their experience.

Those of us who have not experienced war struggle to understand the challenges facing our returning warriors whose wounds are both seen and unseen.

The question is:

Where do veterans go to be heard and appreciated by the community they protected?

Where do the civilians go to hear these stories so they can shoulder their share of the burden of war?

Where do we all go to heal the wounds of conflict and war?

What if veterans and civilians joined forces?

The Warrior Storyfield is bringing veterans and civilians together to engage in these questions.  Asking these questions through the medium of art stimulates meaningful conversations that may otherwise never take place.

Our hope is to make the invisible wounds of war visible.

Our hope is to allow the unspoken, even the unspeakable, a voice

Our hope is that these conversations will grow to involve many more.


And, when the sculptures are complete?

When complete, the Dragon and the Phoenix will be placed facing each other in an eternal stare. It is the  “space in between” these powerful symbols that will become our gathering place. Hopefully, to become a sacred field of expression, a gallery of art, where we continue to question, share and listen.


  • To bring veterans and civilians into community around a common goal
  • To build something that inspires and challenges
  • To build something that serves others as it serves us
  • To pursue understanding through creative expression and laughter through common purpose
  • To employ art to invite the soul to speak
  • To remind the heart that it can laugh
  • To just do stuff
  • To have a whole dang lotta fun


The first sculpture will be a 16ft tall Dragon.

We chose the Dragon to represent the Warrior in training, in service and at war.

Our challenge as artists is to endeavor to tell the story of the Warrior’s experience through the sculpture.

Can we show the Warrior’s ferocity, focus and confidence. Can we show the depth of their camaraderie, their dedication to mission, their endurance and their leadership.

Can we also show their fear, moral conflict, anger, rage, isolation and sense of betrayal which so often shows up?


The second sculpture will be an 18 ft tall Phoenix.

We chose the Phoenix to represent the Warrior Come Home.

Our challenge as artists is to endeavor to tell story of the Warrior transforming back to a citizen-warrior.

Can we show the vigilance, internal strength, fierceness of character so often required to carry the experiences of war that last for a lifetime back into civilian life?

Can we show both the fear and the potential joy of taking the risk to soften a protected heart?

Telling the full story of The Warrior Come Home is impossible.

Even so,  just trying is drawing us into deeper conversation and understanding.